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Centre for Digital Innovation and Product Development (CDIPD) is a Centre of Excellence under Digital University Kerala, dedicated to spearheading advancements in the digital realm. Established to catalyze innovation, CDIPD is committed to empowering organizations through cutting-edge technologies. With a mission to unlock the full potential of digital innovations, CDIPD fosters a culture of creativity and collaboration, driving positive transformations in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Welcome to a centre that fuels ideas, sparks innovation, and transforms concepts into impactful digital realities.

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    An intelligent, spatial enabled decision support system for effective crop pest and disease management

  • Coffee Soil Nutrient Management System

    Provides location specific soil nutrient information status, fertiliser recommendations and nutrient management advice through a standard web and GIS navigable digital map interface.

  • Kissan Kerala

    KISSAN, an e-governance project of the Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Kerala, dynamically delivers agricultural information through various channels, such as web technology, television, telephone, and mobile SMS, ensuring timely and relevant assistance to farmers across the state. KISSAN's integrated service delivery model addresses content gaps, allowing farmers to choose their preferred medium for accessing authentic agricultural information.

  • Kissan Krishideepam - An Agricultured based media programme

    Kissan Krishideepam is an informative and engaging agricultural television show dedicated to empowering farmers with the latest agricultural techniques, trends, and valuable insights

  • Kerala Soil Health Information Systems

    This platform offers comprehensive insights into soil fertility, providing valuable information and recommendations to optimize crop cultivation.

  • Planting Material Traceability and Distribution Management System

    Traceability in coconut cultivation, and distribution of seedlings.

  • National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP)

    It aims to foster agricultural innovation and enhance productivity in India by promoting collaborative research and development initiatives across various agricultural domains.

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