PLANNING AND ANALYTICSRelated Services provided by CDIPD


An Integrated Online Plan Monitoring System for Govt of Kerala

Department/Organisation: Kerala State Planning Board

Single window access and navigation for the whole implementation lifecycle of schemes/programs/component and it progress.

  1. Output and outcome-based monitoring
  2. Personalized and infographics based dashboards for each department
  3. Information Flow :
    State > CM > Ministers > Secretary > Department > HOD > District > Local Body > Beneficiary
  4. Open source-based technology stack

Project Management & Monitoring Systems

An Integrated project Management and Monitoring System with mobile-assisted physical progress tracking

Department/Organisation: Department of Industries | Department of Industries | RKI (Department of Planning)

This system offers a range of features, including web dashboards with analytics, comprehensive project lifecycle management

  1. Web Dashboards with Analytics

  2. Project Lifecycle Management

  3. Mobile app based field physical progress tracking

  4. Project Gantt Chart based activity tracking

  5. Collaboration & communication

  6. A decision Support System for the government

Life Mission Kerala

Integrated Project Management Information System for livelihood inclusion and Financial empowerment

Year: 2019-Continuing
Continuing Status: Ongoing
Department/Organisation: LSGD, Kerala

The Life Mission project, developed by CDIPD, encompasses a comprehensive software solution aimed at addressing homelessness and landlessness in Kerala. The key features and processes related to the Life Mission software:

  1. Application Submission by the Public

  2. Application Processing:LSGI verifies and evaluates beneficiaries based on eligibility, vulnerability criteria for further evaluation.

  3. Rank List Preparation: Utilizing predetermined criteria and AI algorithms, the software assesses applicant eligibility, including factors like income and family size. It then generates a rank list, prioritizing applicants based on their suitability for housing assistance.

100 days Programme

Management Software & Public Dashboard

Department/Organisation: Chief Minister's Office, Kerala

The initiative aims to implement various developmental projects and address key issues within a specified timeframe.

  1. Dashboard: Provides project overview, current status, and impact. Offers real-time updates on financial and physical progress.

  2. User Roles: Data entry by nodal officers, verification by minister's office staff.

  3. Media Attachments: Users can attach images and videos showcasing the work carried out for each project. These media files provide visual documentation and evidence of project implementation and progress.

    Online Updating: Allows the details to be updated in real-time, providing the ability to make timely updates and modifications as needed.

    Progress Updates: Users can update the progress of projects, including financial and physical aspects